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SupportPal 5.3.0 Released

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Today we're releasing version 5.3.0, a minor release in the 5.x series.



Operator Accounts Self Setup

A verification email can be sent to new operators, allowing them to set their own password when they activate their account. 


Editor - Tables

A table plugin has been added to the editor, allowing you to add and manage tables within your replies and articles. 


Google Translate - Translate Reply

The Google Translate plugin now supports translating your replies in the editor, making it easier to communicate with users in other languages.


Other notable improvements

  • Better handling of pasting Word documents into the editor

  • Editor toolbar now sticks to the top of the screen when scrolling down

  • Log files are now rotated in Docker Monolithic

  • Option to send reset password email for other operators

  • Email channel setting to reject duplicate emails

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