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SupportPal 5.2.0 Released

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Today we're releasing version 5.2.0, a minor release in the 5.x series.



Updated Help Widget

The help widget channel has been rewritten with the latest libraries and given a new lick of paint. Users can now attach files directly from the widget when they're contacting you.


Help Widget


The Javascript API has been expanded, so you can now set a locale as well as a default search term for the knowledgebase.


The help widget can be updated via the marketplace once you are running SupportPal 5.2.0.


API Enhancement - Ticket Feedback

You can now view and store ticket feedback through the API using the ticket/feedback endpoints.


Canned Response Reporting

More metrics are now stored about canned response usage, so you can now better track how canned responses are used over time. The report will only show new usages of canned responses, it is not possible to generate data for historic usages.

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