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SupportPal 5.0.0 Released

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We are delighted to announce the release of SupportPal 5.0.0.


The new version marks the culmination of many months of development, including the major new features that we previewed last week. Some of the other enhancements are listed below; however for full details about the changes since the last major version please read the release notes and 5.0 upgrade guide.



New Minimum Requirements

The new minimum system requirements are PHP 8.1 and MySQL 5.7, please ensure your server passes the new system requirements before attempting to upgrade.


Automatic Dark Mode

The template will now select light or dark mode depending on your operating system setting. The functionality can be overridden via your personal settings (operator panel) or profile (frontend) to a specific theme if needed.


Organisation Invite System

Managers and owners of organisations can now invite other users instead of creating an account directly for them, allowing the user to set their own password. The user must accept the invite to be part of the organisation, and it is now possible to invite an already existing user that isn’t attached to another organisation.


Other Notable Improvements

  • More ticket event options for hook macros
  • Mark as read/unread ticket grid action
  • Improved creation of frontend views via plugins
  • Ability to register health checks via plugins

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