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SupportPal 3.7.0 Released

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Today we're releasing version 3.7.0, a minor release in the 3.x series.

Improved Self-Service UX

An image and video gallery has been integrated into the self-service areas of SupportPal. It prevents distortion of large embedded images. Supported image and video attachments can also be viewed in the browser without download, similar to the ticket view.

Download All Attachments

The ability to download all ticket message attachments has been highly requested. In v3.7.0, this is now possible and will produce a .zip file containing all attachments.

Monolithic Docker

In v3.4.0 we announced Docker support. Following that, we've received feedback that the current multi-container setup is too complex to manage; notably when scalability is not required.

Today we're releasing support for a monolithic Docker image which runs all the necessary services within a single container. Use of the image is much simpler, but still includes all production recommendations.

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