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SupportPal 3.5.0 Released

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Today we're releasing version 3.5.0, a minor release in the 3.x series.

Localisation Improvements

SupportPal will now detect the user's preferred language based on their browser settings. We've also tweaked the priority of localisation settings so that the user's language takes precedence over the URL locale. This helps to ensure content is displayed in the correct language when staff who speak different languages share SupportPal links.

Email Improvements

Limited support for emails containing cascading style sheets is now available. This greatly improves the look and feel of some imported emails. Furthermore, SupportPal will now preprocess some Microsoft emails to remove unnecessary whitespace.

Storing User Phone Numbers

We have added support for storing one or more phone numbers on a user's or operator's profile. There are several benefits to using the new input field over custom fields. To name a few: input validation against the international standard, E.164 output formatting, and it's easier to filter users or tickets by their phone number.

Time Tracking API

A full API is now available for the time tracking plugin, allowing you to fetch time entries on a ticket or start, pause or stop timers programmatically.

View API documentation

Performance Improvements

In every release, we continue to improve SupportPal's performance. Some improvements made in this release are:
  • helpdesk#2577 - Restrict log table queries to a given time period.
  • helpdesk#2581 - Lazy load images in ticket messages.
  • helpdesk#2588 - Crop avatars on the client-side rather than server-side.
  • helpdesk#2589 - Load ticket message drafts via AJAX.

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