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SupportPal 3.3.0 Released

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Today we're releasing version 3.3.0, a minor release in the 3.x series. The full changelog can be seen in our release notes.

Email improvements

OAuth authentication for IMAP and SMTP
Ahead of planned changes by Google and Microsoft to disable password authentication from email services, OAuth authentication is now supported. It can be used with IMAP and SMTP services provided by Google and Microsoft.
Threaded email notifications
Email notifications have been improved to take better advantage of your mail reader's ability to group messages into conversations and threads.
  • Message-ID, In-Reply-To and References headers are set so readers can group based on these attributes.
  • For new installations, email subjects are topic focused, ensuring Gmail correctly groups messages. Existing installations will need to manually update their email templates to take advantage of this.

Other notable email improvements:
  • Support for RFC2633 signed enveloped emails.
  • SMTP connection logs can be generated when debug mode is enabled.
  • Outbound proxy support is available for IMAP and SMTP servers.
  • Quick and easy department email connection configuration for new accounts. If you use a popular email service, such as Gmail or Microsoft 365, server details are automatically populated based on your email address domain.

Other notable improvements

New supported versions
In this release, we have added support for PHP 7.4 which requires ionCube loaders 10.4 or above. We have also added support for MariaDB 10.5.

MySQL strict mode
MySQL strict mode offers greater data integrity and application security through additional error checks on all database queries. We have only enabled TRADITIONAL strict mode for new installations. Users who are upgrading from earlier releases can opt in by removing 'strict' => false, from /config/production/database.php. We plan to enable strict mode for existing installations in a future release.

If you're a plugin author, please check your plugins compatibility now to avoid breakages in a future release.

Improved frontend ticket grid
The ticket grid filtering options on the frontend have been improved so your users can easily view only unresolved and resolved tickets.

Operator draft detection improvements
Previously, when viewing a ticket only one draft from other operators was visible and often this could take up a huge portion of the page. In this release, we've made several UX improvements:
  • When multiple operators have written drafts, all are now visible.
  • By default the contents of the draft are now collapsed to prevent taking up unnecessary space on the page.
  • Only drafts relevant to the current tab (Reply, Note, Forward) are shown. A little yellow icon shows on the tab to indicate a draft by another operator exists, compared to the red icon visible when you have your own draft saved.

Notes on upgrading

As a reminder, we switched to the Semantic Versioning scheme from 3.0.0. This release is considered a minor release, where all changes are backwards compatible so downtime will be minimal. For steps on upgrading, please read our upgrade guide.

If you have custom templates, these should always be kept up to date. In this release, there is a compulsory change to both the frontend and operator templates that must be copied over. For steps on merging these changes, please read our templates guide.

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