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SupportPal 3.1.0 Released

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Today we're releasing version 3.1.0, a minor release in the 3.x series.

This version resolves a number of bugs in the initial 3.0.0 release along with a few minor UX enhancements to the new interface. The full changelog can be seen in our release notes.

Notable improvements

  • It's now easier to read emails with dark text when using the new dark mode.
  • Email templates now use a text editor instead of a WYSIWYG editor which significantly enhances the ability to create and edit templates.
  • Following feedback, you no longer need to click the 'Reply' button on the ticket view when using ascending reply order.

Notes on upgrading

As a reminder, we switched to the Semantic Versioning scheme from 3.0.0. This release is considered a minor release, where all changes are backwards compatible so downtime will be minimal. For steps on upgrading, please read our upgrade guide.

If you have custom templates, these should always be kept up to date. There are several bug fixes in both the frontend and operator templates in this release. For steps on merging these changes, please read our templates guide.

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