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SupportPal 2.1.0 Preview - The Other Important Bits

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In our previous preview we detailed our most requested feature: multi-brand support. Below we describe other important changes in the upcoming SupportPal 2.1.0 release that may be useful to you.

PHP 7 support

We're pleased to announce SupportPal 2.1.0 will include support for PHP 7. It will require the Ioncube v6 loaders to work with PHP 7. We're seeing speed increases of 30-40% in some situations, so we recommend giving it a go if you haven't already.

The switch to utf8mb4

This release includes improved UTF8 support at the database level, allowing us to correctly store characters such as emojis that are commonly used on social networks. Due to this change, the upgrader may be slow so we recommend to use the system cleanup tool beforehand.

Updated WHMCS integration and plugin

Our WHMCS integration and plugin are highly popular and we've made significant improvements to both, as part of the new multi-brand functionality and several other requested features.

WHMCS Integration

We received a lot of feedback that configuring the WHMCS integration was not straightforward enough and often required contacting us for further help. The new version of the integration includes a brand new configuration section in WHMCS which allows validating the details and providing useful hints on what may be wrong.

WHMCS Integration Configuration

It is now also possible to set a related product/service custom field, so users can select what their ticket is related to and is visible by operators in SupportPal (see in plugin section below).

WHMCS Integration - Related Product/Service

The option to show related knowledgebase articles on ticket submission has also been added, along with several other bug fixes and minor improvements.

WHMCS Plugin

The WHMCS plugin now shows a lot more useful information, including the user's profile, domains, invoices and quotes. It will also highlight the related product/service making it easy to see what the ticket is related to straight away.

WHMCS Plugin - Ticket View

Another useful change is the option to create an invoice and send it to the user (or save as draft) directly from the ticket view. This may save you time having to open the billing system.

WHMCS Plugin - Add Invoice

The plugin can now also connect to several WHMCS installations. As part of the multi-brand functionality, a specific brand can be configured to connect to a specific WHMCS installation, falling back to the default if there isn't one configured. This allows you to use a single help desk for several WHMCS installations, a feature many users have requested in the past.

Department assignment for operator groups

If you have a lot of operators or your operator assignment to departments changes regularly, having to update the department assignment for each individual operator could be tedious. We've now simplified this by allowing the assignment of operator groups to departments, alongside assigning operators individually if you still prefer that way.

Recent items in navigation

One bit of recurring feedback we were getting was that it would often take too many clicks to go back to a ticket or a user profile that you were looking at a short while ago. We've added support for remembering the last 3 items that you were looking at, this has been implemented for tickets, ticket filters, users and organisations. The header navigation has also been given a change of colour.

Recent Items Navigation

Organisation custom fields

The option to create organisation custom fields, similar to user custom fields, has been added, with existing organisation profile fields converted. This gives a lot more flexibility in capturing information related to an organisation that is useful for you.

Release schedule

We're currently working towards preparing a beta that we anticipate will be released next week, and the stable release will follow a few weeks after that. The beta will be open to all existing customers, but if you're otherwise interested, please get in touch.

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