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ArcticDesk V2 Beta 2 Released

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Today, we are pleased to share with you the second beta release of version 2. This release contains 8 new features along with over 60 improvements and bug fixes. We have greatly appreciated your feedback thus far and welcome any more comments you may have.

The new release requires a fresh installation due to a change in the install and upgrade process, future releases will allow upgrading. The release also contains an initial version of our v1 to v2 migration script and a new WHMCS integration, more details below.

It is not too late to join our beta and help with testing version 2, you can grab a free license to use for the length of the beta. Once you have a license, you can download the latest beta from our downloads area.

Migration Script

A migration script is now available to upgrade your database from v1.3.3 to v2.0. The script will migrate all of your current data and is detailed in full in our Upgrade Guide. It is really easy to use, we have already converted our own database, and there are just a couple of custom options that will require manual intervention during the upgrade process. As the script is brand new and covers a lot of options, we welcome your feedback should you encounter any difficulties.

New WHMCS Integration and Plugin

A new WHMCS integration has been developed to function with the v2 API. The functionality remains the same, but includes several bug fixes and performance improvements. The new integration will only work with ArcticDesk v2 and WHMCS v6.x.

WHMCS Information

A plugin, dubbed “WHMCS Information”, has also been included in the release. This pulls in customer product information and displays it within the ticket view (as shown above). For more details please read the WHMCS Plugin Documentation.

HipChat and Slack Notifications

HipChat and Slack Notifications

As promised, the release includes plugins to send ticket notifications to HipChat and Slack. Both plugins are simple to setup and provide a flexible events system allowing you to pick and choose when notifications should be sent. For more details please read the HipChat Documentation and Slack Documentation respectively.

All of our plugin code is open to view and edit. We encourage developers to use them as a starting point for their own useful plugins.

Going Forward

This release is much closer to stable software and we are now enjoying using it live on our own help desk. We anticipate a release candidate will be available in April and the live launch release shortly after.

For more details about the release and the full changelog, please read the release notes.

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