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ArcticDesk v1.3.3 Maintenance Release

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We are pleased to announce the stable release of ArcticDesk v1.3.3, the final iteration of the v1 series. The release includes a number of bug fixes and enhancements, most notably a printer-friendly ticket view and the ability to filter reports by department. The full changelog can be found at the end of this announcement.

A fond farewell to v1 and looking forward

When we first released ArcticDesk to the public almost three years ago, it was tough to imagine that we would be where we are today. The system has significantly improved both functionally and visually in almost every department - it’s matured from a simple help desk to a powerful tool for many organisations.

The project itself began several years before and to see it become a working product was a dream. However under the constraints of an aging framework, it became increasingly difficult to continue improving at the rate we would like to. With that in mind, at the start of the year we decided to start afresh. Our goal was to build a modern, flexible system with more robust support tools while maintaining the ease of use that our users love.

After many months of development we believe we are now at the stage where we would like to solely focus on the new product version, making this release the final iteration in the v1 series. Next week we are looking forward to sharing our first preview of v2.

v1 End of Life

We will continue to support the v1 series via our usual channels and provide security patches for v1.3.3 if necessary. The series end of life date will be announced along with the release of v2 in the near future.



(AD-899) - Allowed embedding YouTube videos in self-service items
(AD-900) - Added checking for ticket CC emails to the search
(AD-902) - Now automatically focuses on search text box when clicking on the search icon
(AD-905) - Added department option to change the 'closed by operator' email template
(AD-909) - Added the ability to filter by department in reports
(AD-910) - Added a printer-friendly view to the operator ticket view

Bug Fixes

(AD-897) - Fixed issue with the ticket tracking link on some operator replies
(AD-898) - Fixed issue with email processing when email doesn't declare the content type
(AD-901) - Fixed issue with fetching custom email templates in some views
(AD-903) - Fixed issue with email processing when email is missing expected attachment headers
(AD-904) - Fixed issue where when no weekly timetable is selected, the SLA plans do not work as intended
(AD-906) - Fixed issue with User/User API call
(AD-907) - Fixed issue with internal messages notification not showing
(AD-908) - Fixed issue with internal ticket notifications being sent to operators not in the given department
(AD-911) - Fixed issue with allowed attachment types regex
(AD-912) - Fixed issue with email download alias support
(AD-914) - Fixed issue with missing icons file in dashboard

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Dominick Verstoep  
Great to hear the process on AD, Cannot wait for the preview of V2.
Hope focus of V2 will remain to be on the easy-to-use factor of the helpdesk solution, also hope AD will become a bit more modular allow the admins to disable elements of the helpdesk they don't need. 
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