Installation Service

In our installation service, we will install a fresh copy of the latest version of SupportPal, ready for you to configure and begin using. This involves:

  • Uploading all the files
  • Setting the right file permissions
  • Setting up the database
  • Running the installer
  • Setting up the cron job

If you wish to order, please make sure that your server meets the system requirements of SupportPal. We simply require your FTP and control panel login details (these may be the same) once you place the order. The service will usually be completed within 2 working days of receiving the requested details.


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Upgrade Service

We encourage everyone to run the latest stable release to ensure the most secure and feature-rich SupportPal experience. We are always working hard to keep the upgrade process simple and reliable.

If you would prefer that we perform the upgrade for you, please contact us for a quote using the button below. Your message should include the following:

  • Your current version
  • The version you wish to upgrade to
  • Server details (PHP version, MySQL version)
  • Access method (SSH, control panel, etc)
  • Details of any modifications (custom template, plugins)

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Migration Service

If you're looking to move from a competing product, let us take care of the migration of your data. We will ensure that all of your data has been safely and correctly ported to SupportPal. The following are the systems which we currently support:

  • ArcticDesk v1
  • Blesta v4
  • Freshdesk
  • Kayako v3
  • Kayako Classic/v4
  • Quest K1000
  • Sirportly v5
  • WHMCS v7
  • Zendesk

For a quote, please contact us with information about the amount of data that you currently have and also the system you are migrating away from. If it is a system that isn't in the above list, please still contact us and we will let you know if it will be possible for us to assist.

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  You can also run our free migration script to migrate to SupportPal yourself.