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Self-Service Area

Shared Team Inbox

All support requests are directed to a shared inbox for the whole team. Updates and actions from other operators are shown in real-time, enabling greater collaboration and teamwork.
Self-Service Area

Self-Service Area

Reduce your support requests workload by offering content-rich articles in a self-service area that answer your customers' most frequently asked questions and problems.
Self-Service Area

Automation + Tools

Take advantage of a number of useful tools to improve and automate parts of your workflow, so that you spend less time carrying out repetitive tasks and more on offering great support.

Multi-Channel Support

Multi-Channel Support

SupportPal elegantly brings all customer communication into one place. Communicate with customers via a wealth of channels - email, web, API and social media.

Multiple Brands

SupportPal makes it easy to handle support requests for several companies (we call them brands) through a single backend, simplifying access for staff and management of the system. Each brand can have its own personalised frontend with a unique self-service area, and your users won't realise that the brands are connected.

Brand and department permissions are completely configurable, so operators can see and deal with only what is relevant to them.

Multiple Frontends for Brands
Customer Feedback

Powerful Insights & Analytics

Improve your customer service through powerful insights & analytics. SupportPal enables you to measure your customers' satisfaction and your team's performance.