Use SupportPal in place of Blesta's support components for a superior all-round experience.

Let Blesta deal with the billing, we'll take care of the support

Blesta is a good billing system, but the built-in support features are basic. Instead use software dedicated at being the best support help desk possible, with a superior feature set, powerful interface and overall better experience for both users and operators.

Reasons to use SupportPal instead

Connect many Blesta companies to a single help desk

Each company within your Blesta installation can be connected to the same SupportPal installation. Each integration can be set to a specific brand if you wish to separate the tickets, departments and self-service content between each Blesta company.

Sync information from Blesta to SupportPal

Keep SupportPal and Blesta in sync, the integration will automatically send any new and updated user accounts in Blesta to SupportPal so the same information is stored on both ends.

Let users select a related service for tickets

When a user creates a ticket at your client area, they'll have an option to select a related service, a dropdown populated with all their products from Blesta. This product is then highlighted in the operator ticket view.

Related knowledgebase articles

Many users may be asking questions that can be easily answered with pre-written articles. Have the option to show users related knowledgebase articles when they're submitting a ticket.

  Also see our Blesta Information plugin for displaying user's services, invoices and more directly in the SupportPal interface.