SupportPal - Freshdesk Alternative

SupportPal will save you money in the long run and keeps you in control of your data.

Why Switch to SupportPal

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You save $170.10 a month

1   Benefits of going on-premise with a self-hosted help desk

There are several benefits to hosting on-premise rather than on the cloud, including keeping control of your data and lower costs. We at SupportPal are focused on offering an outstanding self-hosted, on-premise help desk - we see this as our niche.

2   Don't be forced to pay per operator per month

Hosting a help desk in the cloud is expensive, because you have to pay monthly for each operator. The self-hosted, on-premise model allows SupportPal to offer a fixed price that is the same no matter how many operators you have. You don't need to be concerned about incurring more costs as you grow. Furthermore, don't worry about having to compare different plans to see what you do and don't get, we only offer one plan with all features included. Try our savings calculator to see what you could save.

3   A competent and viable alternative

SupportPal is a more than capable alternative to Freshdesk. Should you switch, you won't feel like you're losing anything. Take our product tour to see more about what the SupportPal help desk has to offer.

4   Simple and easy to use

We designed SupportPal based on feedback about other help desks, such as Freshdesk, being complex and heavy. SupportPal keeps the interface simple and easy to use. Check out our demo to see it in action.

5   Migration made easy

We have a free migration scripts for Freshdesk that will move over the majority of your data and save you a lot of time in setting up SupportPal. Learn more about the migration process.