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V2 Preview #4 - Happier Customers, Better Business

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As creators of customer support software, we're aware of the importance of ensuring that your customers are happy. We want to make it easy for your customers to utilise the help desk and also provide their own useful feedback to you. Below we look over some of the user focused changes made in version 2 to achieve this.


In version 1, we had sub-users as a way for your customers to reply and open tickets on behalf of their colleagues. However, it worked suboptimally and couldn't account for changes in organisational structure. Version 2 introduces Organisations, a simpler and more effective way of managing customers from the same company.

Organisations work on a two level access system:
  • Managers: can control permissions within the organisation, and also view and reply to tickets created by their colleagues.
  • Users: can open tickets on behalf of the organisation, but only view and reply to tickets that they create.
There is an interface available in the frontend for managers to administer the organisation.

Organisation Management

Ticket Feedback

Happy customers leads to success in business, so it's important to track customer satisfaction and take feedback on board. With this in mind, version 2 introduces ticket feedback, a way to collect and collate feedback from customers.

You may wish to ask different customers different questions, and this can be achieved with our flexible conditions system that allows you set up individual feedback forms that apply to certain tickets only. It's also possible to vary when the feedback form is sent to users after the ticket has been marked as resolved.

Feedback Form

Collecting feedback can be difficult as it requires engagement from the customer after the ticket has been considered resolved. We attempt to solve this by sending a simple email that only contains 'yes' and 'no' links to determine if they felt satisfied with the support received. This information is tracked and used in a customer satisfaction report.

Customer Satisfaction

While keeping the email simple may help engagement, it does not necessarily give you directly useful information that you can act upon. In each feedback form, you can define custom fields to probe for extra information. The user can then optionally answer these after they have declared how satisfied they were.

Feedback Form Fields

We've detailed two key features that will improve the experience of your customers using our software and provides the tools to increase your customer satisfaction level. In our final preview ahead of the v2 beta, we'll be looking at improvements and opportunities for developers going forward.

With this being our last post in 2015, we'd like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We're excited for what 2016 will be bringing and we hope you are too. As a reminder, we've set up a website where we'll be posting each preview and you can join our mailing list for v2 updates. Don't forget to also follow us on Twitter if you haven't already!

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