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SupportPal End of Life (EOL) Policy

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Today we're announcing an end of life (EOL) policy for the SupportPal help desk software that is effective immediately. The aim of this policy is to give customers a clear understanding of which versions of SupportPal are actively supported and which will only receive security fixes.

Version Scheme

SupportPal currently uses the below versioning scheme for new releases.

Type Description
Major For versions with significant backwards incompatible changes. For example 2.5.0 or 2.6.0.
Minor For versions with new backward-compatible functionality and bug fixes. For example 2.5.1.

Supported Versions

Our latest major version will always be considered as being actively supported, and our previous major version will receive security fixes only. Any older major versions will be considered as EOL. When a new major version is released, it will push prior versions into their next status (either security fixes only or EOL).

The below table illustrates which major versions are currently supported.

Major Version Status
2.6 Actively Supported
2.5 Security Fixes Only
2.0 - 2.4 EOL


Actively Supported
The version may receive new minor releases as well as security fixes.

Security Fixes Only
The version will only receive security fixes.

An EOL version will continue to function but will not receive further releases, regardless of any observed deficiencies or vulnerabilities in that version. We recommend that customers upgrade for the most secure and feature-rich SupportPal experience.

Support From Us

We will continue to provide support* regardless of which version of the product you are using, even if the version has reached EOL. However, in many cases, we may advise that the best course of action is to upgrade to a later version.

* Owned licenses holders must have active support and updates in order to request support.

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