Migrate easily from Quest KACE System Management Appliance (K1000) to SupportPal.

Reduce expenditure on support whilst gaining access to more features for your help desk.

We offer a completely free migration path from Quest K1000 to SupportPal, more details about this process can be found below.

Migration Process

  What's supported?

We support the migration of the following items:

  • Operators
  • Users
  • Tickets (messages, statuses, priorities, assigned operators)
  • Feedback Log

  What's the cost?

There's no cost! The migration script is available to download for all our users, even if you've only downloaded the trial.

  How long does it take?

The migration can take anything from a few minutes to several hours, depending on the number of tickets you have in your installation. We recommend to clean up as many old tickets as you can beforehand to speed up the process.

We recommend to ask your server administrator or hosting provider to adjust the following settings.

  What's the process?

The migration process is quite simple using our migration script. The steps involved are detailed below, with further information available if you click each step.

  1. Install the latest SupportPal version.
  2. Generate a CSV export of your service desk tickets from K1000.
  3. Download and run the migration script.

We recommend to carry out the migration as a trial first, without emailing users on step 4. Verify if the data has migrated over correctly, and then run again for the final migration.

  Would my data be safe?

Absolutely. The migration script runs on an exported CSV file and does not have access to your K1000 installation.

  Can you do it for us?

We offer a migration service if you'd like us to take care of it for you. Please contact us with the approximate number of tickets you would like to migrate and we'll get back to you with a quote.